We believe that every child who believes in  Jesus is a disciple! Our volunteers are more than a handful of adults that watch your kids--- they are disciple makers who help your kids understand what it means to be a disciple! Kids are hungry to know more about God and what it really means to love God and others. Because each age is different, we have a different strategy for each group of kids.


Sundays at 8am & 10am

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Nursery begins to build a foundation of love and trust. Leaders pray over each child throughout the service while providing a fun and safe environment.

Preschool is the class where we take the foundation of love and safety from the nursery and we add the basic truths of who God is and how much he loves us. We do this through crafts, stories, games, activities, and songs.

Elementary is the class where we meet the kids’ natural curiosity of deeper topics with a deeper look into the Scriptures. We maximize the kids growth through age-appropriate small groups that help the kids apply what they learned about God into their own lives as disciples of Jesus.


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First steps and or to ask further questions, please contact: Sarah Wiedrich


Do you have questions about Baby Dedications?

A baby dedication expresses your desire as a parent(s) to raise your child in the ways of the Bible and to ask God to use your child for His purposes. The act of dedication must not be thought of as a ritual that has saving merit to it. This is because they are unaware of right and wrong and have nothing of which to repent. They are not yet able to understand the need for a Savior.

The Bible says that a baby is a blessing from God. When you decide to dedicate your child, you are acknowledging the awesome responsibility God has given you in raising your child.

God gives clear commands to parents to pass on their faith to their children. Old Town is your faith family that will walk along side you with love, support, and prayer. 

We look forward to seeing you this weekend!  If you have any questions, you can email Sarah at the link below.